3D Environment Generalist, 2D&3D Concept Artist

I am Tony Andreas Rudolph, I am a self taught 3D (Environment) Generalist, 2D & 3D Concept Artist and Digital Matte Painter from Germany. I am working under the nickname ZuluSplitter. In 2005 I started out with webdesign but soon I discovered that my true passion lies is digital painting. In 2008 I started with digital painting and so I worked as a book cover Illustrator where used traditional painting techniques without using photos and many textures for my paintings. At the end of 2012, I finally decided to start with creating 3D Models, Digital Matte Paintings and concept art.

I have a very big passion in learning and sharing my skills with other artists. I am passionate in working on Automotive, VFX, Commercials and Games projects. So I am open minded in learning new techniques which I can add to his skill set in these fields to always push my boudries.

After the first years in the industries, I decided to focus myself more on 3D Generalist work, because of the infinite possible ways where you can combine this skill with different design disciplines in the industry. Here I am mainly focused on 3D modelling, lighting, texturing and shading. For texturing I am using mainly The Foundry Mari, for the lighting and shading VRAY as well as Arnold. For the modelling part I am experienced with Maya (4 years experience) and 3Ds Max (1 year experience).

I am always looking for more challenging projects as 3D (Environment) Generalist, 2D&3D Concept Artist as well as Digital Matte Painter.

Services & Skills

  • 3D Generalist (Lighting, Shading, Modelling)
  • Digital Matte Painting (2D, 3D)
  • Full 3D Environments
  • Matte Painting Camera Projections (2.5D)
  • Concept Art & Concept Illustrations (Environment Design, Vehicle Design, FX Design etc.)
  • Visual Development & Pitch Artworks
  • Marketing Art (Posters, Covers etc.) & Key Frame Illustrations

Worked For

Moving Picture Company - MPC Framestore ScanlineVFX RISE Visual Effects Realtime UK Trixter Silent Thunder - Australian Green Tea Advanced Photoshop Imagine Publishing Atlantis Verlag SAE Institute Sun Tzu Games

Features and Awards

  • CG CHOICE AWARD for the book cover illustration 6am: Fade to Black - 2015
  • CG Society Portfolio Frontpage Feature & Matte Painting Competition Winner 1st Place - 2014
  • CG Adversiting Interview - view Interview - 2014
  • SAE Magazine/eBook Issue 03/2013 - Matte Painting Tutorial - 2013
  • Advanced Photoshop UK Magazine Issue 109 - Matte Concept Painting Tutorial - 2013
  • 4th Advanced Photoshop UK - Image of the Week - 2013
  • Der Bild Bearbeiter Magazine - Image of the Month - 2013
  • 3rd Advanced Photoshop UK - Image of the Week - 2013
  • 2nd Advanced Photoshop UK - Image of the Week - 2013
  • Digital Paintbook Artbook - Matte Painting Tutorial - 2012
  • Ballistic Publishing - Feature in EXPOSÉ 10 - 2012
  • 2D Artist GERMANY - Feature in the last Issue - 2012
  • Advanced Photoshop UK - Feature in Issue 97 - 2012
  • Advanced Photoshop UK - Feature in Issue 97 - 2012
  • 1st Advanced Photoshop UK - Image of the Week - 2012
  • Imagine FX - Image of the Day - 2011
  • 2nd Deviantart - Daily Deviation Award - 2011
  • Advanced Photoshop GERMANY
    Feature in the Magazine - 2011
  • 1st Deviantart - Daily Deviation Award - 2010

Partner and Friends

Artflakes Korasu Christian Kesler Sascha Rudolph Sepp Sonntag Photography Zomax